The Sandrose Hotel in the oasis of Bahariya

Sandrose Hotel, Bawiti The oasis Al-Bahariya (also known as Baharia, arabic: الواحاتالبحرية) is one of the most important five inhabited depressions in the Egyptian part of the Libyan desert, about 360 kilometers southwest of Cairo.

Located at the edge of the oasis our hotel offers all conveniences you may require of a hotel and which desert travelers may wish - a swimming-pool, a large restaurant with regional cooking and modern rooms with an air conditioning system.

Courtyard of the Sandrose Hotel, BahariyaYour "oasis" for desert tours

Bahariya is an ideal starting point for traveling through the Black Desert (as-Sahra as-sauda), to the Crystal Mountain and the National Park White Desert (as-Sahra al-baida).

We do not only care about your physical well-being, but offer you the possibility to organize your own safari trips through the Libyan desert - by jeep, camel or on foot. So you can enjoy your stay at Bahariya completely unencumbered and your vacation will become an unforgettable experience.








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